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GPS Tracker | Oldtimer

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GPS Tracker created for classic cars!

What's in the box:

- A GPS Tracker with internal SIM card
- Wiring for an easy and quick installation
- 12 month to use the application and SIM costs
- A back-up battery
- Tiewraps and double-sided tape
- Free smartphone application in the App Store (IOS) or Play Store (Android)

NO mandatory subscriptions

The GPS Tracker is equipped with an EU SIM card. This means that you can view the location of your classic car at any time in the EU. In the event of theft or unauthorized use, the GPS system will be activated and an alarm will be sent to your smartphone immediately. Whichever EU country you are in. SIM and GPRS costs of the first 12 months after the GPS Tracker activation are included in the purchase. After the first free year you can choose whenever you want to activate the system for one or more month(s). To extend the application for an extra month the costs are € 3.95. This can be activated using the free smartphone app. If you only want to use the GPS Tracker during the summer months, you can easily arrange that with the application!

Additional information

Weight 0,025 kg
Dimensions 0,95 × 0,23 × 0,1 cm


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